Onboarding and Verification Information

Before a user of Practice Orbit can communicate with another user, each user must be onboarded and verified. This verification is necessary to establish trust between all users on the platform.

Member Onboarding and Verification

Once a new user creates their account (either by linking their gmail account or creating a separate user name and password), they are prompted to do the following:

  1. Verify their email address
  2. Complete their brief profile page
  3. Optionally, schedule a 15-minute “Strategy for Success” call with a Practice Orbit specialist who will give them instructions on how to navigate the site to accomplish their goals. See below for the benefits of scheduling a 15-minute success call.
  4. Verify themselves using a state-of-the-art third party verification vendor (Socure)

Benefits of Scheduling a 15-minute Strategy Success call:

On the call, the Practice Orbit specialist will do the following:

For a Dentist:

For a large dental practice representative:

For all Service Providers (CPAs, Attorney’s, Brokers, Practice Management Consultants, etc.):

Once a user has been verified to this level they may either list their practice for sale or contact another Practice Orbit user.