Practice Orbit

Sell Your Dental Practice for 3%.
Technology to Modernize Transitions.

What is my dental practice worth? Step One: Get your instant level 1 Orbit Estimate

There are two levels of estimates. Each one gets more accurate and requires more information. All information is 100% anonymous.

Sellers Sell your practice faster. Less Expensive. No Commitment. Stay Anonymous.

  • Practice Orbit is creating a marketplace for buyers, sellers, and brokers of dental practices to meet in one location. It’s the alternative to the fragmented broker market of today.
  • Only pay 3%(minimum of $15,000) of the sales prices if you sell through the platform directly. If you find a buyer outside of the platform, you pay Practice Orbit nothing. If you have a broker, the broker only pays 3% of the price to Practice Orbit and gets access to our buyer pool and tools for a smooth transition.
  • Make your practice available to verified potential buyers in the Practice Orbit marketplace ANONYMOUSLY.
  • Effortlessly create rich and informative easy-to-read practice listings.
  • Get access to pre-formatted digital and customizable legal documents directly within the platform (NDA, LOI).
  • Invite your team into the platform to help manage your sale (Accountant, Attorney, Banker).
  • Have a global chat room per potential buyer to keep you and your team on the same page.
  • Stay organized. Sell faster!

Saving money on listing fees can mean a more comfortable retirement, paying off debt, or investing in your next venture! How much hard-earned equity will you save?

Save up to

Buyers One place for non-brokered practices for sale. Tools to help you be successful.

  • Real time notifications of new dental practices for sale.
  • Easy to read practice profiles.
    • Practice profitability
    • Pre-tax take home to buyer
    • Patient breakdown
    • Team information
    • Building and equipment detail
    • Automatic EBITDA calculations
  • Understand the practice profitability before you submit the Letter of Intent (LOI)! (I.E. Does it financially make sense?)
  • Pictures of the practice!
  • Star your favorite practices to your dashboard.
  • Have a global chat room per potential seller to keep you and your team on the same page (Accountant, Attorney, Banker).
  • Receive due diligence documents immediately upon submitting an LOI.
  • Close on your target practice faster!

The Dental Practice Sale Podcast Education for Dental Practice Sellers, Buyers, and Brokers.

Our new Podcast can help you prepare to sell your Practice. Dentistry, as a business, is in a period of flux today. Retiring dentists want to maximize the sale value and aren’t sure where to find a strong buyer. Mid-career dentists want to grow beyond the traditional single office practice. Associates seeking financial predictability aren’t sure if private practice will provide it. And Institutional dentistry (DSOs, DPOs) are driving up valuations, but often with complex deal terms. Amid this landscape, the Dental Practice Sale podcast is intended to provide it’s listeners with (1) education and seller stories and (2) insights into how the platform can help these various parties operate more effectively together in it’s online marketplace.

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