Sellers Process

Step One: List your practice “for sale”


  1. Complete a user profile by filling in some basic information

  2. Create the practice profile

  3. Choose a listing option from the following three:

  1. Attend a fifteen-minute video meeting strategy session with a Practice Orbit representative

  2. Perform an identity verification using quick and easy-to-use software.

  3. Invite your team to be attached to your practice in Practice Orbit (e.g. Accountant, Lawyer, Outside Broker).

  4. Click a button to list the practice and make it available for buyers to see when they search.

Step Two: Sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)


  1. Receive notice that a buyer is interested in the practice, with high-level information about the buyer

  2. Given the option to sign an NDA with this buyer

  3. Counter-sign the NDA after the buyer signs (the buyer can now see additional information about the practice)

  4. Communicate directly with the buyer


A buyer indicates they wish to purchase your practice

Step Three: Create, negotiate and sign a Letter of Intent (LOI)


  1. Create an LOI
  2. Send the LOI to the buyer to sign

Seller & Buyer

  1. If the buyer indicated a desire to negotiate the terms, the buyer and seller negotiate until they agree on the terms
  2. The seller updates the LOI with the negotiated terms and re-sends to the buyer


Note: After this point, either the Seller or Buyer are free to terminate the LOI, and both are then free to continue a sale with other people.