What is my dental practice worth? Step One: Get your instant level 1 Orbit Estimate

There are two levels of estimates. Each one gets more accurate and requires more information. All information is 100% anonymous.

Get Started Selling Your Practice No Commitment

Selling your Dental Practice Using a Dental Broker

  • Low cost
  • Access to buyers nationwide
  • Simple self-guided forms to prepare your practice for listing
  • Non-exclusive! Commit to a platform fee of 3%(minimum of $15,000) paid to Practice Orbit only if you find a buyer through the Practice Orbit system or use the Practice Orbit platform and it’s team to navigate the sale of your practice. Additionally, that commitment is only attached to that specific buyer. And you only pay the 3%(minimum of $15,000) if you sell to that buyer. If you sell to a buyer outside the platform without the use of the Practice Orbit platform and team, you pay nothing. You literally have nothing to lose!
  • Already listed with another practice broker? That’s okay! Your broker and you can market your practice on Practice Orbit and explore potential buyers anyway. There is no additional fee to you. Your broker will simply have to agree to a 3% platform fee to Practice Orbit to release the buyer information.
  • One-click digital anonymous posting of your practice to the Practice Orbit community.
  • Built-in notifications and emails to alert you of “next steps” when you have an interested buyer through the Letter of Intent (LOI)
  • Tools to be successful (Innovative digital prospectus, notifications, email feeds, dashboard, digital NDA and LOI, team page, etc.)
  • A built-in dashboard showing the progress and “next steps” of the sale to easily go from NDA to LOI to closing.
  • Easy/automatic price assessment built in (“The Orbit Estimate”). With an inexpensive alternative for a dental specific valuation with a Practice Orbit 3rd party partner.
  • Access to institutional buyers (DPOs, Large Group Practices)
  • Automatic calculation of your EBITDA.
  • Keep your practice profile 100% anonymous and only release to interested parties once a digital NDA is signed

Self-Directed vs. Broker Directed Who completes each task throughout the process?

TaskSelf-DirectedIndependent Broker Directed
Use Practice Orbit on your own without help from a brokerPractice Orbit can help you find buyers, and still have your own outside broker
OnboardingYou, Us

You, Us
Prepare Practice ProfileYouYou / Your Broker
Determine Selling PriceYou (with guidance from our Orbit Estimator or an external valuation specialist)You / Your Broker (with guidance from Orbit Estimator)
List AnonymouslyYouYou / Your Broker
Receive Buyer InquiriesYouYou / Your Broker
Screen Buyers and Select OneYouYou / Your Broker
Manage Communications with your TeamYouYou / Your Broker
General Support“Strategy for Success” virtual meeting. Chat / Email / Call“Strategy for Success” virtual meeting. Chat / Email / Call.

Using a Dental Practice Broker Benefits of using an independent Practice Broker

If you prefer to use a dental broker, there are many great ones in the marketplace to help you. These brokers typically will:

  • Prepare your practice profile
  • Help you evaluate an appropriate asking price for your practice
  • Market your practice to prospective buyers
  • Maintain anonymity of your practice.
  • Provide education on all “deal Points” and give best-practices recommendations.
  • Field all initial inquiries
  • Liaison with your selected attorney and accountant to provide them the documents they request, handling all questions and communications.
  • Oversee the transition process from beginning to end.
  • Work with escrow (if applicable) to consummate the sale.

Platform and Broker Fees

PlatformBroker Fee
Self-Directed3%(minimum of $15,000) of sale price with a non-exclusive platform/finder’s fee agreement. This means you are not obligated to restrict your listing with Practice Orbit. We are not a brokerage firm. Practice Orbit agreements are ONLY between you and a specific buyer you find within the Practice Orbit Platform. This means:

  1. You don’t pay us anything if you find your own buyer outside Practice Orbit. (Why pay for something we don’t help you with!)
  2. You are not locked into any time period. If the sale doesn’t finalize, you’re free to continue your search within or outside of the Practice Orbit Platform.

In other words, you have nothing to lose! Only pay the 3% if (1) you find a buyer within the system and (2) you consummate the sale to that buyer. No other restrictions apply!

Outside Broker3% of sale price. This requires your broker to agree through our system-generated digital contract to a platform/finders fee agreement with Practice Orbit. In other words, your broker pays Practice Orbit 3% of the sale price from their commissions.

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