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Need a platform to build or manage your dental sales business? Welcome to Practice Orbit!

Why use a marketplace technology (i.e. Practice Orbit) for your dental brokerage business?

  • Access to a national pool of dentist
  • Source new sellers looking for a broker within the system.
  • Easy-to-create digital prospectus that anonymously displays on the search page (similar to homes on Zillow).
  • A My Dashboard page with all your listings
  • Built-in digital NDA and LOI for easy e-signature and management
  • A built it price estimator and net proceeds calculator
  • Automatic EBITDA calculations
  • Chat rooms per seller-buyer pairing.
  • Easily invite accountants and attorneys into the transaction.
  • Catalogued document storage for due diligence files.
  • Security that all users are verified through Berbix, a 3rd party independent verification system.
  • It’s easy to get started

How it works?

  • Create a Practice Orbit account and get approved
  • Invite your sellers into the Practice Orbit system
  • List and sell your practice!

What do you pay?

To license the Practice Orbit technology and receive the benefits above, you agree to pay 1% of the gross practice sale price to Practice Orbit. This fee IS ONLY APPLICABLE IF YOU SELL THE PRACTICE TO A PRACTICE ORBIT BUYER. In other words, if you source the buyer outside of Practice Orbit (i.e. Practice Orbit provided you no benefit), then you don’t pay the 3%. You have nothing to lose!

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